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Our history


At White Miracle we strongly believe in the union of memories and jewellery.
Our pieces of jewellery are made using the best materials and personalize designs, which inspire tenderness and elegance.

Each piece has been carefully created in our small workshop, combining age old artisan techniques. We create fine jewellery focusing on memories as the main element of each piece.

At White Miracle we really believe in slow consumption and considered purchases and that is why each of our pieces tells a story, yours.

About the founder


White Miracle was founded by Lourdes Brito in 2016, in the Canary Islands. A year later, her family and her moved to the outskirts of London and from there she continues to create pieces of jewellery that provides her a sense of creative freedom.

She is the mother of three girls who made her gather the courage to pursue her dream and turn her hobby into her profession.

Lourdes studied Jewellery in the heart of the historically famous jewellery neighborhood, Hatton Garden. She was formed at the London Jewellery School. There she learned ancient and modern techniques. She was able to experiment with different methods that she would later apply to her collections.

Since she was a little girl, Lourdes experienced a special connection with the world  and with herself when she worked with her hands. Today this helps her to feel closer to her clients making the pieces created become a special part of their story.

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