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Lourdes Brito


I´m a mom of three little angels, Marina, eight years old, Carmen six and Gala, who is three years old. They are definitely the ones that gave me the strength and the courage to leave behind all social ties (a good job, stability, etc.) and pursue my dreams. They moved me inside. They made me see that fullness and happiness are achieved when doing something that really makes you feel alive. Something in what you truly believe above everything.

Since I was young, I have never considered anything other than breastfeeding my children. Indeed, breastfeeding has become essential in my life, the best moments of the day. A bubble that keeps us away from bad feelings and worries.

Designing jewellery is also my passion. When I was a child I loved creating necklaces and earrings. In fact, my first purchase online, when I turned 18, was some blue glass beads and some silk cords, with which I made a necklace that I still have.

Almost by magic, my motherhood and a series of events have made both my passions come true. So, finally the desired dream has become a reality.

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